New commercial property leasing app

Johannesburg – Emira Property Fund has launched a new app that provides real-time information about properties to make it easier for brokers to successfully conclude leasing deals.

The free Emira app shares up-to-the-minute information with brokers about the availability of its properties, giving them immediate updates as the availability changes. It also offers more information about a property than a standard vacancy schedule does, as well as additional resources, all in one location.

Geoff Jennett, CEO of Emira, says: “The broker community is important to Emira and we believe this app will help ensure that doing business with Emira is a rewarding experience for brokers. We’ve worked hard to make this app helpful, easy and intuitive for brokers to use with its simple, elegant design, providing brokers with accurate, up-to-date information 24/7-365.”

The Emira app is available for Android & IOs operating systems, with tablet and smartphone versions for both platforms. It is free to download from the Android and IOs App Stores – simply search “Emira”.

The app is designed to help brokers in four main categories, each representing a different way in which Emira and the broker community regularly interact.

For space to let in the Emira portfolio, the app lists premises and their rental rates. These are searchable and filterable by size, region and property type. It also enables brokers to provide their clients with an information pack that gives them a full picture about the property. This includes everything from a property fact sheet, its GPS location, background on Emira, and an ‘offer to lease’ document.

Brokers have the option to download information directly to their device or have it emailed to them in a pdf format.

The deal tracker on the Emira app lets a broker know how each deal is progressing, sharing the step-by-step process through credit checks and the issuing of the lease right up to the payment of commission.

The app’s incentive tracker follows a broker’s progress to qualify for the Emira Incentive Getaway, based on the amount of gross lettable area they have signed up. It also includes the details and rules for incentives.

In addition, the app provides broker resources in the form of downloads that can also be emailed, including Emira’s full vacancy schedule and important documents like its ‘offer to lease’ and ‘broker mandate’.

Jennett reports the app is currently in its first version and Emira intends to add even more functionality over time and in response to broker feedback.